Blanket Stories: Talking Stick, Works Progress, Steward at the High Desert Museum

We’re in Bend today for the opening of Art for a Nation: Inspiration from the Great Depression a show curated by Faith Brower that explores the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

I’m honored to have been commissioned to make a piece for the show: Blanket Stories: Talking Stick, Works Progress, Steward consists of a stack of blankets contributed by the central Oregon community, and a wooden blanket totem, carved from a white pine beam salvaged from a previous incarnation of the sawmill on the High Desert Museum site.

Art for a Nation: Inspiration from the Great Depression runs through October 2 and if you’re not from the area, the High Desert Museum is well worth the trip. We have catalogued the blanket contributions and stories here on the site: click here to have a look.

Sewing circles for SITE Santa Fe

Back in May, we conducted several sewing circles in the Santa Fe area as part of our contribution to Unsuspected Possibilities, a collaborative exhibition featuring Sarah Oppenheimer, Leonardo Drew, and myself (which is up through 04 January and you should go see it).

We worked with the Santa Fe University of Art & Design, the Santa Fe Indian School, and Tierra Encantada High School, in addition to the community at SITE, on what would ultimately be First Teachers Balance the Universe Part I (Predator) & Part II (Prey), both of which are included in the show.

Joanne Lefrak, SITE’s Director of Outreach and Education, produced this video of the sewing circles (ably shot by Andy Primm), which gets at the collaborative nature of my work in a way that is difficult to convey with still photographs. It’s a lovely piece; and I’m grateful to Joanne and SITE for making it.

Four days in Ottawa

I was honored to be invited to be included in Contemporary Conversations, a series produced by the U.S. Embassy in Canada and the Department of State’s Art in Embassies program. I delivered a lecture, participated in a discussion with Greg Hill at the National Gallery of Canada and a roundtable at Carelton University, and held a sewing circle hosted by the NGC. It was a great turnout: more than 200 people came and sewed and shared stories.

We worked on panels that will be incorporated into First Teachers Balance the Universe, Part I: Things That Fly (Predator), which is part of my exhibit at SITE Santa Fe in July of 2015. The embassy prepared a wonderful time-lapse video of the event, which you can see above; and also a short interview, which you can see after the jump.