Contributed by Bobbe Nolan

Bobbe Nolan
Eagle Lake, TX

My brother John Carl Shapiro was a born engineer, an artist with metal and wood, a musician and an alcoholic. He died at age 60. I made him this quilt in exchange for one of his hand-turned inlaid wood bowls.

He loved the quilt and he used it for years. After he died, we (his five surviving siblings) found the used and abused quilt in his bedroom, tattered and torn. We washed the quilt and kept it in John’s memory.

The quilt is made of cottons, denim backing, polyester batting. It is hand quilted. Patterns: wild geese, money’s fist, Virginia Reel. I hope it qualifies for your art installation. It’s a good memorial for Johnny, who loved handmade things. I can just imagine him in Islamabad!