Contributed by Robbie LaFleur

Robbie LaFleur
Minneapolis, MN

‘I’m cold.’ When I asked for more blankets as a child, this satin-bound wool blanket was the sort my mother or grandmother would provide. When extra warmth was needed, you could be sure to find a few wool blankets of this type in almost every Minnesota home. I’ve pulled them from many closets in my life. Especially, I remember them from chilly summer nights at the lakeside home of my grandparents.

My house is filled with textiles, cookware, pottery and paintings from relatives. I’m not sure which relative gave me this blanket, but it is filled with memories of farm houses and lake homes, of comfort and family and security.

What bed coverings remind people in Pakistan of feeling warm and secure with their grandmothers? Somewhere in Pakistan a grandmother is tucking in a child under a blanket that will be remembered forever. In a fundamental way, I know this woman.

I probably won’t travel to Pakistan soon, but I love the idea of sending warmth and friendship from Minnesota through participating in this project.