Contributed by Annie Wiard

Annie Wiard
Homer, AK

This quilt was given to me when a dear friend of mine moved away. It was too big to pack and she knew I would enjoy using it. Even though she was an accomplished sewer, she purchased this blanket commercially but always felt a bit embarrassed that she didn’t make it herself. I didn’t mind and I have used it on our bed since she moved.

I’m glad I did as shortly after she moved away she was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer and has since passed. The blanket became more precious to me knowing I would never see my gentle friend again.

My friend was also very concerned with the oppression of girls and women in various areas of the world. She raised one child, her daughter, who now travels the world assisting women in less developed countries start their own cottage industry businesses to support themselves and their families.

My friend would be touched knowing that a ‘piece’ of her life will travel and live in Pakistan! For you, Donna!