Contributed by Jere Grimm

Jere Grimm
Portland, OR

The gift of this blanket to the project express for me the deep connection I feel with the women of every part of the world. In gifting it, I wish to honor my grandmothers; one of whom made the blanket.

These were strong hardworking gifted women who directed every ounce of energy they possessed to children, grandchildren and their home life.

Both were descendants of families from Europe; children of, in one case, a brilliant inventor, tailor and skilled craft-man who taught his daughter the art of garment construction and as well gave her an abiding interest in the arts (she gave me my first art book when I was 8 and taught me to sew when I was 4 or 5) and love of music. In the tiny apartment she shared with her loving husband, she had leather-bound editions of National Geographic Magazine which my sister and I would pore over. Her thirst for knowledge was great.

I am honored to be able to join her efforts with others for this project.