Contributed by Sigrid Reinhardt Jones

Sigrid Reinhardt Jones
Eugene, OR

This quilt is one I picked up at a department store, in Seattle, many years ago (30+). It has moved many times with me around Seattle, then to Tucson, Arizona for 10 years and now back to the Pacific Northwest.

Nowadays I would never purchase a quilt like this one, probably made in a sweatshop in China. Instead I make homemade quilts for family, friends or charity. Just last week I began attending a quilting group who are making log cabin style quilts for women coming out of Oregon prisons. This quilt is also of Log cabin design and it has a leafy vine pattern on it which I have used on ones I’ve made.

Many people have slept under this blanket. Cats have slept on it (and sometimes under), I have made love under it, cried under it, held my kids under it, made it up on mats on the floor for children’s sleepovers.

It was on its way to Goodwill last week — now it’s on the way to Pakistan to be part of a blanket sculpture! — How cool is this? Until now this story was silent — who knew?

History is everywhere.