Contributed by Monika Sundbaum

Monika Sundbaum
Tacoma, WA

I bought this rug when I was single. After I got married, it sat at the end of our guest bed and was walked on by a wonderful cadre of family members and friends who came to visit. It had a close brush with death after a dramatic tussle with my Dyson vacuum cleaner, but lived to serve another day. It contains the colors of the flag of my mother’s homeland (Finland), so I’ve always held great affection for it. Many years later, I find myself single again. It was a soft landing pad for me when I moved into the guest room before we officially divorced. To me, this rug represents finding the courage to create the kind of life you love. To follow your heart and know that each soul is valuable and precious. I send this with so much love to the beautiful people of Pakistan. We are all connected by a glorious thread of energy and love!