Contributed by Mariesa &Tyson

Mariesa & Tyson
Tacoma, WA
Marriage, Tacoma stories

We met in Tacoma almost ten years ago, while working in the museums.

Sometimes Tacoma can feel too small, so we moved away for a few years to try our luck in Portland.

We bought this old quilt at a thrift store down there—its fabric was beautiful, and it seemed almost untouched. I wondered, “Who would abandon something like this that took so much time and care to make?”

This was our blanket for all the years we were away, while we moved from house to house, worked in more museums, got married, and when we decided it was time to move back to Tacoma.

By the time we moved back the quilt had begun to fall apart, square by square.

It belongs here, now, and so do we.