Catherine Blake &Robert T. Blake, Jr.

Catherine Blake & Robert T. Blake, Jr.
Childhood, Forts, Generations, Homemade, In memoriam, Parents

This quilt is being donated to this project in memory of our parents, Joan C. Blake and Robert T. Blake Sr. We do not know the full story of its origins, other than that it was made in the 1940s or 1950s and was stitched by members of our father’s family—likely his older sisters and mother. It may have been a wedding gift to our parents.

Everyone in our family has slept under this quilt. As children we made forts out of it and read comic books by flashlight under it at night. It is now very worn from decades of use.

My brother and I do not have children. This quilt will not be passed on to another generation of our family. We like the idea that it will be “immortalized” in some way as part of this project.