Martin Dreyer

Martin Dreyer
Seattle, WA
Coming of age, Generations, Moving west, Parents, Selected stories, Travel

The wool blanket I donated was purchased in Bogota, Columbia by my parents circa 1972. Our family lived in Panama. This blanket has been in use in the past 44 years. Our family used it in Panama, Illinois, Texas, Germany, and Washington. As we got older my brother used it in college. It was handed down to me when I moved to Seattle from Texas in 1987. In the past few years the edge became frayed. My brother and I spoke about getting it repaired, but I hesitated thinking it was too difficult to find someone to do the repair. So I actually accepted the fact that the frayed edge is a vital part of its life. When I heard of this project, I knew right away that this blanket was worthy of being part. It has also brought back good memories.