Pamela Mills Ruzic

Pamela Mills Ruzic
Homemade, Immigrant, In memoriam, Mothers, Selected stories, Tacoma stories

I wove this blanket for my mother, Olga Ellingson Mills. My mother was born in Parkland, WA in 1913, one of nine children born to Norweigan immigrants Jonette Eilertsen and E.B. Ellingson who came to Parkland at the turn of the century. This blanket was woven on a Burnham Loom, circa 1944, and when my mom passed on in 1995, I re-claimed the blanket. I am honored to be a part of this art piece and happily donate the blanket I wove in my mother’s honor.

My mom was a lifelong resident of Tacoma and loved this city where she became a registered nurse, Tacoma General Hospital, class of 1934.


Thank you for including our small part of history and handwork in this sculpture.