Dana Peregrine

Dana Peregrine
Tacoma, WA
Baby blanket, Grandmothers, Homemade, In honor of, Mothers

This blanket honors my mother and grandmother. They are (and were—my grandmother passed away at 99 in 2013) amazing seamstresses. My grandmother, in the 1930s, created dresses for her friends to wear to the many, many socials of the day. She went on to also make wedding dresses for Boston-area socialites. My mother always had my sister and I dressed “to the nines” in dresses and outfits she made. When she made them, I don’t know, with three children within three-and-a-half years. My mom went on to make outfits for her grandchildren—all dressed “to the nines.” Then my mom, when dresses and outfits became too taxing on her eyes, made blankets like this one. She made them as baby gifts. My daughter laid on this blanket as a baby, then toppled on it as she learned to sit and crawled of of it as she became more mobile. This blanket creates warmth and comfort in many more ways than the physical. It is love.