Heidi Conlan

Heidi Conlan
San Diego, CA
Homemade, In memoriam, Mothers, Sickness and health, Tacoma stories

I cannot part with the original so this is a proxy.

I was so taken with the quality and hand-crafted beauty of a quilt that I bought lots of raffle tickets and luck gifted it to me that night. The money raised supported my mother’s barbershop chorus and the quilt was made by one of the singer’s moms. I send my grand thoughts of gratitude and admiration to her every time my fingers fun over her name sewn into it, may she now rest in peace.

A beautiful piece of art that wound up comforting me regularly through the trials of chemo and on after being cured; it is a genuine treasure.

As a former championship pinball player, I am in Tacoma each year for the Northwest pinball show and also enjoying my membership at the Museum of Glass, another artistic treasure.