Margalit Dafna

Margalit Dafna
Portland, OR
Generations, Immigrant

I have a story to share about my firstborn, Ziza. My doda (aunt) Chaya Alice made it. She was born and raised in Morocco as well as my mom. Its base is a very soft, white flannel with deep blue stitched hamsot at the corners. The are protective / good luck symbols also known as “Hands of Fatima.” Five lucky fingers in a hand motif make up a hamsa (five in Hebrew). We no longer have any family in Morocco. My mother and her sister are of the last generation to flee from Morocco. Ziza’s hamsot blanket wrapped her tiny 5lb body, giving her warmth on her skin, protection, love from her doda raba (Chaya Alice) and the tradition from her Berber ancestors.