Gretchen Wilkinson

Gretchen Wilkinson
Tacoma, WA
Baby blanket, Generations, Homemade, Moving west, Sisters, World war two

Joyce Hubbard Anderson was born in Mendota in 1920. She and her identical twin, Janice, spend their high school years in Louisville, Kentucky, where they were part of an ad campaign for the Gas and Electric Co. as “Miss Gas & Miss Electric” in 1937. In 1940, she ventured out to California where she met her husband, Edward Rutledge Anderson who was a gunner in a dive-bomber off the Enterprise during WWII. They had two children. The younger, Gretchen, first moved to New York state from California, then to Seattle, WA. Her parents thought she would never have children. To their surprise, Gretchen had a son, Samuel Edward Wilkinson, at the age of 40. Sam’s grandmother, Joyce, wanted something special for him and decided to learn quilting. His baby blanket was her first—and her last—effort at quilting! She ended up spending five months with the needle work and said, “never again.”

Sam now has a son, Jaxon Richard, and they live in West Seattle. Jaxon’s mom’s family all live in or near Gig Harbor.

We thought this labor of love will be cherished best as a part of Tacoma Art Museum’s art.