Erin Hobson

Erin Hobson
Seattle, WA
Baby blanket, Sons

As a new mom, one of the most meaningful gifts I received was a Nanny and Webster blanket from my employer, Sellen Construction. Sellen is much more than a place to work for me: they are family. The gift to my newly born son reaffirms the company commitment to what we are all working for—the future. As one of the newest members of our community, they invite my son in joining to make our world a better place. All profits from Nanny and Webster blankets are donated to children’s charities so this blanket not only brings the baby warmth and comfort, but will help bring warmth and comfort to other children, too. Every new addition to the Sellen family receives a blanket and I know, especially in my case, the thoughtfulness and sentiment goes a long way. It is a treasured tradition to both the giver and receiver.