Nancy Bourne Haley

Nancy Bourne Haley
Tacoma, WA
In honor of, Parents, Sailing

I grew up sailing on the Mid-Atlantic coast and have continued that cherished pastime for another 50 years. Here on Puget South and the British Columbian waterways, throughout the Pacific and many other world oceans. 

This blanket went out to sea aboard my parent’s 42’ Cheoy Lee ketch back in 1978 when they set  off from Los Angeles to make a 2+ year navigation south exploring Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. They lost their boat in a shipwreck off of Belize, but were able to recover a few crates of precious cargo, this blanket being among it all. Without their boat, my parents gave me and my husband much of the salvaged gear as we have a vintage (1941) wooden sailboat we’ve been caring for and sailing for over 36 years.

Every blustery day out on the Sound, when the Northwest cold and damp get too much, we have pulled out this blanket to keep us warm as the breeze and memories send chills and warmth through our salty souls.


I’m donating this blanket as a tribute to my parents, the beauty and power of the oceans, and the love of tradition and family.