Gabrielle Lundy

Gabrielle Lundy
Seattle, WA
Arts, Moving west

I recently moved to Seattle and read about Marie’s show at the Tacoma Art Museum but couldn’t attend. I was delighted to see she was having a talk / sewing circle at Greg Kucera Gallery.

I went and was moved by her rich Indian heritage. I am an artist who has moved a lot. I chose to donate a U-Haul felt pad and stitch sewing circles on it to honor all those who participated.

Best wishes to all those who donated blankets and the stories that are bound to them.

Each of the circles I sewed onto the U-Haul blanket comes from repurposed textiles—napkins, clothes, etc ... there is no pattern or reason why I have done this, except that I thought it was time the blanket had a happy burial in the blanket time capsule.

Blankets deserve their own stories so I look forward to seeing the sculpture.