Helen B. Murray was my husband’s grandmother. She and her husband, L.T. Murray, purchased and donated the old National Bank of Washington building on Pacific Avenue to the Tacoma Art Museum in 1971 where it remained for years before moving to the current location in 2003. Not only was she a contributor to her community, she was a generous contributor to peoples’ lives individually. She taught me to love the arts, to have a passion for gardening, to love golf and to appreciate good stories and drama. She danced a wicked Charleston, loved to play games and always made everyone feel like they were most special to her. She appeared to have an effortless love and pride in her family no matter what, and instilled in us the importance of humor no matter what! She was very funny.

She knit the blanket in 1973 when I was pregnant with our first child, and with all her activities, it seemed a big fuss, novel undertaking. It was gorgeous baby blue and white wool. I found out about the wool when I washed it and it came out of the dryer the size of a very thick placemat! I don’t think I ever had the heart to tell her, but I also know that I never had the heart to give it up.

So I’ve saved it all these years. And now this is it’s time. And it is the perfect place. Stardom for “the blanket” at last.