Janine Terrano,Laura Cook &Pam Rasmussen

Janine Terrano, Laura Cook & Pam Rasmussen
Gig Harbor, WA
Generations, Homemade, Sisters

This is a simple story of three sisters who come together every year for a sister weekend. They share grief, pain, anger, joy, play and the ability to create and tell stories. With tongue in cheek, they have named themselves “The Three Straight Faced Women.” Together they have experienced the faces of three past generations and are looking forward to three new generations. From the past generations, the three sisters have gathered a spear of strength. This spear is not only strong but also straight and silent. It is true to its mark and something the new generations can count on.


Our quilt is a symbol of us, the three sisters, whose lives the Master has woven together with threads of magic, the music of hilarious laughter, the texture of tears, the colors of spirits and the overall top stitching of love.