Ute &Gerhard Stebich

Ute & Gerhard Stebich
Plainfield, MA
In honor of, Marriage, Moving west, Parents

I, Stephanie Stebich, give this blanket and story in honor of my parents, Ute and Gerhard Stebich. This year they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 5, 2014. This German blanket has served as my car and picnic blanket. It was traveled well from New York to Ohio to Minnesota to Washington, all my homes with my two cars.

As a picnic blanket it tells the story of my parent’s courtship. My father drove to Switzerland regularly to court my mother who was sent there to be a distance from my father. My grandfather Walter Hiep did not want to encourage the match yet my beloved grandmother Lili Hiep met secretly with my father to encourage him.

This blanket has cared for my family. First my eldest brother Gerhard Marks (b. Sept, 20 1964), then me, Stephanie Antoinette Franziska (b. Jan 26, 1966) and my baby brother Oliver Kai (b. April 19, 1970), an American baby.