Christine Link

Christine Link
Tacoma, WA
Coming of age, Friends, High school, Moving west, Selected stories

This blanket has been with me since high school and traveled from Missouri to Washington state with me in 1995. I actually pilfered it from my best friend’s house after using it one night during a sleepover. I always felt like her family had nicer and more traditional things than my family – like name-brand clothes and extra blankets. I marveled at its yellow, satin binding and floral print and believed it represented a high-functioning family. I wondered if having it at my house could make living with my family little easier. After a moment, I decided they wouldn’t miss it if it disappeared since they had so many in their closet already. So I packed it up with my overnight stuff and took it home with me. I did use it quite a lot at first, especially after graduation and into my 20s. But eventually I started using it less and began thinking it was quite ugly. Its power was all used up, but it still stayed folded nicely in my closet – used only occasionally as a last resort. To this day I am always taking inventory of the blankets (number, quality, and variety) in my linen closet making sure there are enough of them – a symbol of my own household success and hospitality. The best friend and I have since become estranged but this blanket has persisted in that collection until today. I am thrilled to have it immortalized in a sculpture.