Karen James

Karen James
Bainbridge Island, WA
Generations, Immigrant, Karen james family blankets, Tacoma stories

This blanket was used by four generations of our family over about 80 years. The blanket began with my parents, David and Maria James who both grew up in Washington. David James was a descendent of the James family who emigrated from England in 1852 and settled on Grand Mound Prairie in southwest Washington. Our family lived in Lakewood near Tacoma, at the Lakeside Country Club for a time while my dad, David James, was a reporter for the Tacoma New Tribune. This was before he began his work with Simpson Timber Company in Shelton, Washington. I inherited the blanket and my family and our children Neal and Matt, used them until they left home. Then Neal and his wife Sara and their two children, Alex and Hailey kept warm with them when they came to visit “Papa” and “Aiti”. There are many good memories and warm nights associated with this blanket and I hope that Alex and Hailey will come show the blanket in the sculpture to their children when they visit the Tacoma Art Museum.