Stuart Grover &Pamela Transue

Stuart Grover & Pamela Transue
Tacoma, WA
Animal stories, Friends, Homemade

Whitney, a black greyhound with white splashes on her paws and chest, was part of our lives for 11.5 years. She came with her name, which we considered changing to Greta, the movie star famous for never saying anything. In her time with us, Whitney almost never barked, the one exception being when she saw raccoons cavorting in our swimming pool at two in the morning. What Whitney loved to do was sleep, about 14 hours a day when she first arrived, increasing to about 18 hours in her last year.

Sleeping requires various elements of bedding, and Whitney had her choice of many alternatives. She had a ‘bagel bed’ that fully enveloped her and supported her back. She had our bed, where she stretched out her legs and pushed one or the other of us onto the floor. She had a large pillow, big enough for her to sling herself over and loll like Cleopatra. And she had blankets.

The one attached was special, because it was hand-made for her by Cere, her ‘other mother.’ For almost the entire time Whitney was with us, Cere and her husband John cared for Whitney whenever we traveled. Cere was a talented seamstress, who created costumes for Medieval Faires and other events, and she created this blanket specifically for Whitney’s comfort. We hope that every viewer reflects on the comfort that a quiet loving dog brings to a household, and the appreciation dogs have for soft warm places to rest.