Contributed by Pat Pinkston

Pat Pinkston
Corning, NY
Handmade, Travel

Dutch’s Blanket, 1987—My family usually planted or gave a tree to honor a special occasion: a birth, marriage, or significant milestone. Many of the women in my family have been excellent knitters, celebrating births and birthdays with blankets, sweaters, and hats and mittens. My mother knit socks for my father. I learned to sew, weave, knit and crochet. But no one expected my older brother to take up handicrafts…

His first project was 4 large needlepoint pillows, made while he was trying to quit smoking. He later took up blanket weaving, using a very large 200 year old Scottish loom. Using soft, muted, earthy colors, he made a blanket for my parents and then one for each sibling as wedding gifts. Warm and beautiful, it feels like a big hug each time I wrap it around me!