Contributed by Sue Milazzo

Sue Milazzo
Corning, NY
Childhood, Daughters, Generations, Quilts, Travel

This quilt has been part of my life for 60 years. I remember it on my bed as a child. I loved putting my knees up and looking at the pattern from the underside as the light passed through.

The quilt was with me in college, my first apartment and 40 years of married life. It has lived in PA, TN, WI, and now in Corning. My three daughters used it to build nests for Saturday morning cartoons. We used it to pad furniture moves in and out of dorms and apartments. I was about ready to turn it into a ___ cloth.

Being part of The Rockwell blanket project seemed a much better fate.

I’m not sure who made it, but even without a pedigree, it has led a noble life. I will be happy to have it go to a new life in art.