Contributed by Sue Buegler

Sue Buegler
Binghamton, NY
Baby blanket, Childhood, In honor of, Sickness and health

In 1987 when my son was 4, he had a medical crisis that resulted in us being taken by ambulance to a children’s hospital 90 minutes from home. We found ourselves in a pediatric intensive care unit with none of the familiar items we relied on to help my son, who has autism and Down Syndrome, feel comfortable in a strange environment.

A nurse asked what might help him and I told her, “We didn’t even have time to grab his favorite blanket.” She left and came back 5 minutes later later with this quilt, handmade by Project Linus (an organization that makes blankets for critically ill children).

Ten years later, my son is fine, this crib blanket would barely cover his feet, and I have found it impossible to pass on or get rid of it, remembering the kind nurse who gave it to him and the generous stranger who handmade a blanket for a child she would never see.

Adding this quilt to your sculpture is my way of honoring and thanking those kind people.