Contributed by Joyce C. Gillis Dunbar

Joyce C. Gillis Dunbar
Corning, NY
Baby blanket, Generations, Handmade

In 1946, Alice Rose Gillis was expecting her first child! Oh, what excitement, after moving to Spencer, NY from Wilkes-Barre, PA with her husband, John, after WWII! Baby sex unknown in those days, she wanted a boy. Her friend, Edna Alve (also from Spencer, NY) was also expecting her first. Using what was a Craft Kit loom called Weave-It, Alice chose to weave 4” squares called Sunken Diamond design in blue and white! Her mother, Petronella finished (crocheted) the trim and to Alice’s luck, dreams, wishes, her first baby was born. 12/1/46 a boy named John Matthew Gillis. Edna never finished hers. Her baby is Susan. Both children now in their 70’s. Everybody is still alive and well on this date 11/29/2016.