Contributed by Pamela &David Sonnefeld

Pamela & David Sonnefeld
Corning, NY
Arts, Travel

This multi-colored quilt was purchased in Oct 1985 at a “Gate” in Seoul, South Korea by us. It is a Korean king size. We purchased two, one has stayed with us and one was given to Dorothy Winiesdorffer (Pam’s mother). We were living and working in Seoul, David for Corning Inc./Samsung and Pam for the Seoul Foreign School. My mother returned it to us in August 2016. Since our family has enjoyed 31 years of The Rockwell Museum we felt it was another way to give back to it.

Our three children love to return to The Rockwell Museum: Caroline Cullen Sonnefeld Coy, Colleen Olivia Sonnefeld and Colin David Sonnefeld.