Contributed by Alison Gramy

Alison Gramy
Geneseo, NY
Handmade, Immigrant, Siblings, Travel

While in Quito, Ecuador, I managed to buy a blanket made out of llama wool from an Indigenous market by La Loch. At first I didn’t know what to do with it, I had it in my room for some time, until I started traveling to Columbia, I realized what a blessing it was to have a blanket on cold bus rides, as a cover up in my abuela’s home. When I returned to the US, a blanket that I thought would be used as decoration was used for so much more. I ended up giving this blanket to my brother when he moved to his apartment in Boston. Although he didn’t know the extent of how much I used it in South America, he appreciated that I gave him such a well thought gift. His girlfriend especially enjoyed it as well.