Contributed by Fatima Rodriguez Johnson

Fatima Rodriguez Johnson
Buffalo, NY
Childhood, Sickness and health

Robe of Love and Healing—Around 1983, my mom received a burgundy robe for the holidays. It was big and fluffy and warm. For many years, she used her robe to heal with her children. I remember in 1988, I contracted the Chicken Pox. My fever was very high, my mother went to her closet and grabbed her robe. “No worries baby, I’m going to get you better.” She wrapped me in the robe and laid her body on top of it. Her heart beating on my back and the sound of her breath in my ear was so soothing. She stayed with me until I was asleep. Some days later my fever broke. “Mommy your blanket worked,” I said. She said, “Yes with all my love too.” This “blanket” became well known in my home. For years, we all benefitted from mommy’s robe when we were sick. Although not a traditional blanket, it served a purpose.