Contributed by Karen Madison

Karen Madison
Painted Post, NY
Generations, Military & veteran, Selected stories

My father served 2 times in the Marine Corps—WWII and Korea—and is now approaching 90. Once a Marine, always a Marine smile So growing up for years and years and years the Marine Corps blanket was part of our family (military green in color with USMC on it). At picnics and mostly when visiting the beach, our family would sit on the Marine Corps blanket. When we were done for the day, my Dad and I would lift the blanket up and shake off all the sand. Then we would fold the blanket up. But here’s the catch, my Dad is a lefty - so we would fold the blanket lefty. Still to this day when ever I go to fold a blanket in a sheet, we fold lefty. And now the tradition has been passed along as well and my husband folds blankets lefty with me smile

P.S. The Marine Corps blanket still lives on and comes out mostly for summer outdoor picnic music concerts my parents attend at West Point smile