Contributed by Virginia Howard Mullan

Virginia Howard Mullan
Carlotta, CA
Animal stories, In memoriam, Travel

After Ward and Judy were married in 1946, they lived in several different homes before building one of their own in 1958. It was here that their youngest child, Virginia, first saw the king-sized yellow blanket on her parents’ bed. The blanket went through several transformations through the years. The cotton thinned, and the binding slowly came unstitched creating traps for little fingers and toes. Judy mended the binding many times, but finally, when the center of the blanket thinned to a hold, she quartered the king sized blanket. She rebound each quarter and created a blanket for Kelly, their Heinz 57 mutt, and later for Matic their black lab mix. By the time Ward passed away and Judy moved to Alaska, two quarters of the blanket still remained.

Years later, as Judy’s body failed and she was no longer able to lay in bed, these two remaining pieces served as her blankets for her as she slept in a recliner. To Judy, these remnants of the original blanket were as comforting in 2011 as the king size blanket had been in 1958. After she died, these two pieces survived and were enjoyed by Pepper, a McNab collie mix, and a homeless veteran.

This green tablecloth is of the same era. It was in Ward and Judy’s home in 1958; it survived Judy and her beloved dogs, and now serves as a “stand in” for the cherished yellow blanket.