Contributed by Luzon Birdsong

Luzon Birdsong
Madras, OR
Arts, Childhood

This blanket has been with me since childhood – I’m 66 now. Recently, I went to the beach for a couple of days and brought my blanket in case I needed one. I ended up leaving it in my car. When I left I was cleaning the car and grabbed my blanket and a mouse ran out of it and my car – never had a mouse inside before. Anyway, found a nest in the blanket made from Kleenex and the blanket, leaving holes. I was so upset and wondered why this happened. Seeing this project made me realize this blanket should be part of this project. The years of comfort it gave me can be added to other blankets. I would be thrilled to see it in this project. I have just moved to Madras so the timing of this all feels right.