Contributed by Lisa Burley

Lisa Burley
Bend, OR
Childhood, Generations, Grandparents

The Twin Blankets

My story begins in 1960 – born in Bay Shore, New York into a large family of 6 children! As Divine Providence would have it, I was born with a true soulmate – my identical twin sister, Christine.

Our Grandparents, Richard and Clara Sieber, doted on us. My twin and I were often dropped off at our grandparents’ house for a sleepover to give our folks a break.

To this day, I clearly remember being called “Monkey” by our grandmother and lots of trips to the ice cream shop with our grandfather.

These blankets represent the two sleeping bags our grandparents gave to us for our 6th birthday in 1966. Chris’ was yellow with red apples and Lisa’s was green with red apples. The sleeping bags wore out years ago, but a swatch remains in my jewelry box as it is a great treasure to me! Wonderful memories and the unconditional love of my grandparents.