Contributed by Denise Rowcroft

Denise Rowcroft
Bend, OR
Animal stories, Arts, Childhood, Grandmothers, Handmade

We bought this blanket quilt 2 summers ago at a yard sale in Bend. It was beautiful, only $1, and the family was so thrilled we loved it because their grandmother had made it, with obviously true fabric scraps and hand sewing.

We took it with us to see free music the summer our daughter was 1, and then when fall came the blanket kept us warm on our bed. Our dog eventually began to damage the quilt, but we decided better to use the beautiful quilt with stories before us, then to store it away in a cabinet unused, as we do with an antique quilt we got for our wedding. That quilt actually did come with a story, written down and stored with the quilt.

I’m so glad this beautiful, colorful, well-loved quilt will get another life as art!