Contributed by Shannon Campbell

Shannon Campbell
Bend, OR
Animal stories, College, Generations

My dad was one of five children, each of whom had several of their own. One aunt started a tradition of giving large baby blankets named “Cudgies” to each niece / nephew. Unfortunately for me, this began after I was born as the first cousin, so I was the only one among 9 kids without one! How I longed for a Cudgie soft fleece with satin trim in my youth.

Fast forward to my high school graduation when I hadn’t thought of silly blankets for years. I received a large box in the mail, and lo and behold, but what should I receive other than a silky, sky blue Cudgie!!

That blanket accompanied me to my 1st college dorm room and later, became a cozy bed for my very 1st yellow lab puppy. I’d say it was worth the wait!