Contributed by Don Mercer

Don Mercer
Bend, OR
College, Travel

A simple green wool blanket for a twin bed purchased from Sears in the mid 1950s. It provided warmth through foggy San Joaquin Valley winters for years. It was taken to college in Montana in the early 1970s and traveled between school and home as part of an emergency kit in the car. Provided warmth through long Montana winter storms on a dorm bed. It traveled to New York City after college and was used as a foot warmer at the end of the bed. Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio then New Jersey where it was used as bedding in the back of a pickup car on many camping trips on the East Coast from Maine to Georgia and Canada. In the late 1990s it made the journey back across the country to Central Oregon where it continued to serve as part of an emergency kit in the pickup. Finally, in the early 2000s, threadbare, faded from the sun, frayed along all edges, with a few un-mendable tears, and 50 years of travel, service and memories – it was retired.