Photograph by Kevin McConnell

Companion Species (Ancient One), 2017

Companion Species (Ancient One),
2 × 6.25 × 3.25 in.
Cast bronze, reclaimed wool blanket (artist's grandmother's), western walnut base
Ed. 10; 1/5 through 5/5 made for Oregon Arts Commission’s 2017 Governor’s Art Award
Photograph by Kevin McConnell

This nursing she-wolf figure is resting on a piece of the blanket that was the last blanket my grandmother regularly used on her bed prior to her passing at 93. My children referred to her as Uk’sod Gowan, which in the Seneca language also translates to “ancient one.” As I reflect on the symbiotic relationship we have with First Teachers or animals, I also think our ancestors are a part of this conversation as well.