Companion Species (Envelop), 2017

Companion Species (Envelop),
14.5 × 20 in.
Reclaimed wool blanket, satin binding, embroidery floss, thread
Collection of Crocker Art Museum
Sacramento, CA

This embroidery started as the foundation for the print “Companion Species (Words)” created at the Smith College Print Workshop in collaboration with Julia D’Amario. It also relates to a larger work in progress, to be exhibited at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Washington State University in the spring of 2018. In this work in progress, the mother she wolf/dog will envelop the viewer not just in relation to how she is drawn, but in relation to the arc of the blanket/ground (suspended in space) which extends to include the viewer. In some ways this piece is an understudy and study to a more majorly scaled piece.

This reclining she-wolf/mother’s gesture is positioned to envelop her brood, and in a larger work in progress, the viewer. Wool blankets and bindings envelop, as does nature, and in this case, a grotto.