Photograph by Aaron Johanson

Companion Species: Ferocious Mother and Canis Familiaris, 2017

Companion Species: Ferocious Mother and Canis Familiaris,
108 × 217.75 in.
Reclaimed wool blankets, thread, embroidery floss
Collection of Portland Art Museum
Portland, OR
Commissioned by curator Janet Dees for If You Remember, I’ll Remember at the Block Museum of Art, 04 Feb – 18 Jun, 2017
Photograph by Aaron Johanson

I think a lot about the symbiotic relationships humans have with the natural world and each other. This echoes Seneca and Iroquois teachings: We are all related, and Animals are our first teachers. These panels reflect on the She-wolf as a shelter, as a mother, as companion species. The She-wolf is mother-like, but not just in the biological sense: our ecosystem needs balanced relationships in order to thrive. These community-embroidered text panels combine to create a larger ground for more extensive embroidery.